Our Products

Beat the heat with an Emack & Bolio’s treat. From inventive ice cream flavors that will blow your mind to smoothies that are out of this world, we have something to tempt every taste bud.

  • Ice Cream & Yogurt - stay cool with our world famous ices and cultured yogurt
  • Fudge Sauce - made by hand, made to melt even the hardest of hearts
  • Ice Cream Pizzas - haven’t tried one of our ice cream pizzas yet? You haven’t lived
  • Smoothies - our smoothies win awards. Taste one and you’ll see why

There’s a reason why our products continually win acclaim and awards. Not only is every recipe concocted with care, attention and a dollop of the famous Emack & Bolio’s rock ‘n’ roll attitude but we only ever use the finest quality ingredients.

All our items are created using the very best ingredients, in our kitchens in Massachusetts, USA and then carefully preserved and transported using premium methods to sunny Bangkok. When you taste one of our ice creams in a store here in Thailand you can be assured that it tastes exactly the same as it would in a store in Boston.